Website development

I used to construct websites, although I no longer actively do this as content management systems have become a lot more popular than they were in the past, and most online content I write now ends up on the Wikimedia projects. The websites I’ve worked on in the past include:

  • – You’re at it! It’s gone through several iterations before becoming the site it is today.
  • REVENT – Revolutionary Enterprises was a Young Enterprise company that continued for a while afterwards.
  • Young Enterprise North West – I created their website a while back, under the Revent aegis. Its launch featured matching seed packets and badges! It’s since been replaced by a national site.
  • Jodrell Bank – I was involved in the creation of the current website design. I’m part of the Jodrell Bank Website Committee.
  • Earth: Final Conflict Virtual Series – as the name says: a virtual series of the TV show Earth: Final Conflict. I designed and coded the website; other people provided the content.
  • SciFi Minds – SciFi Fanfiction. It’s almost been redesigned several times, but the redesigns never seem to be completed… My attentions are currently focussed elsewhere, but I might come back to this at some point.
  • KickRSS – takes multiple RSS or ATOM feeds, combines them, and displays them as a single RSS feed or a webpage at an easy-to-remember URL. I constructed the original site; it has since been heavily modified by subsequent owners.
  • Streamline Computing – A site redesign or two ago, I helped tweak the website design and integrate their content into it.
  • Jodrell Bank Observatory; Distance Learning – During my work experience at Jodrell Bank, I helped create a web interface for their 7m undergraduate telescope. You can’t actually see the site unless you’re on a course which uses the telescope, though.