I work on radio instrumentation for CMB and radio experiments, with a broad range of knowledge about detectors, RF components, cryogenics, and overall system integration and operation.

Since 2019 I have been working on GroundBIRD, a CMB experiment in Tenerife that has a mirror cooled down to 4K, and KIDs detectors cooled down to 0.25K. I was involved in every part of its construction and operation in Tenerife.

In 2016-2019 I was the lead of the receiver work package for the BINGO 21cm experiment in Brasil. This included outlining and setting up a prototype room temperature correlation receiver at 1GHz, as well as working on testing of the prototype BINGO horn, and working on the RFI surveys to select a radio quiet site for the telescope.

In 2006-2010 I was involved with the construction and commissioning of the second-generation One Centimetre Receiver Array (OCRA) receiver. This was an 8 beam receiver that worked at a frequency of 30 GHz (1cm wavelength). It was partially constructed in an engineering test setup prior to the start of my PhD. I was actively involved with dismantling the setup, and reassembling it into a complete receiver (I’ve lent a hand with screwing it all together, and the majority of the testing of it), and by the end of my PhD it was installed on the Torun telescope for commissioning.

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