Undergraduate students

  • Co-supervisor of five MPhys students working on C-BASS data analysis (2014-2015)
  • Demonstrated optical telescopes for 2nd and 3rd year undergraduate labs and 4th year MPhys projects (2008-09)
  • Demonstrated the 7 m radio telescope at Jodrell Bank Observatory to distance learning students (2007-08)
  • Demonstrated “Theoretical Physics Computing Project” (2nd year undergrad, 2008)
  • Demonstrated “Programming in C” (2nd year undergrad, 2007)

Summer students

In 2014 I was the sole supervisor of two summer students (3rd year undergrad and A-level, science outreach through writing Wikipedia articles), and co-supervisor of an additional summer student (undergrad, working on C-BASS data). In 2015, I was also a co-supervisor of an undergraduate summer student on C-BASS.

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