Photographing historical books at the Royal Society

Letter from Charles Babbage to J F W Herschel on 4 July 1814.
Letter from Charles Babbage to J F W Herschel on 4 July 1814.

On the 19th June I was given the opportunity to take some photos for Wikipedia of historical books that are part of the Royal Society’s collection. They’ve all been uploaded onto Wikimedia Commons under a CC-0 license as the original works are in the public domain, and hopefully they’ll make their way into articles over time. Here’s the description posted to WikiProject Royal Society by Johnbod:

(June 2014) As part of Wikipedia:WikiProject Royal Society a special photo session in the Royal Society Library in London has resulted in Commons:Category:Royal Society Library, with over 50 photos of their treasures, mostly 17th century manuscripts, including several of Herschel’s correspondence with Charles Babbage, Charles Blagden‘s diaries, the 1st edn of Sylva, by John Evelyn, one of the early minute books, Robert Boyle‘s notebooks etc, the manuscript fair copy of Newton’s Principia etc. Please add these to articles as appropriate. Many thanks to User:Mike Peel for coming from Manchester to take the photos!

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