Time for a new website!

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated this website – too long! So, welcome to the new version of my website. 🙂

You might notice that I’ve switched from using MediaWiki to WordPress. Sadly, it seems that MediaWiki isn’t the best software to use for a personal website – it seems that it’s too easy for spammers to attack, and a bit too cumbersome to administer. WordPress has been making great improvements since I started having this website (now over a decade ago!), hence why I’m now giving it a go as my main website rather than just as a blog. The main thing I’m worried about by doing this is the lack of integration with Wikimedia Commons (which was via InstantCommons on the old MediaWiki website) – it will be interesting to see how well WordPress will cope with embedding content from Commons here…

If you spot any bugs, or can’t find anything that used to be here, then please comment below so that I know about it and can fix it! Note that it may take a while for the DNS to update from the old server to this new one, so you may still see my old website randomly for a while… This site will hopefully be available at mikepeel.net rather than my backup mikepeel.org domain in the very near future…

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