Reinstalling and rebooting

I’ve just reinstalled my computer’s operating system – I’ve messed around with it too much, and changed too many random settings to figure out how to undo some random things that were happening on it. While reinstalling, I noticed something a bit odd about the number of times I rebooted the computer. I use Apple’s Mac OS, so I’m not used to rebooting that often. During the reinstall process – the operating system, and a number of applications – I rebooted a total of three times.

Reboot 1: from old operating system to installer.

Reboot 2: installing latest updates to the OS from Apple
Reboot 3: installing mouse

(When the installer ended, it did reboot the computer into the new operating system, but I’m not counting that as it didn’t realy load up an operating system to install the new OS. 🙂 )

Note the odd one out. Why does something as simple as installing a mouse warrant a reboot of the whole computer? Ah yes, the mouse was made by Microsoft.

Need I say more?

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