Welcome to my Blog! I wasn’t intending to ever create one (there’s rather a lot of them nowadays, so I didn’t see a huge amount of point) – but then I realised that it could be useful to have a repository for all the random thoughts I have occasionally. And why not have it publicly available at the same time, so all can enjoy the randomness? So here it is. Expect random thoughts to appear at some point in the (probably fairly near) future.

4 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. my pants are certainly brownian in anticipating this gravitation exam. you don’t know me and i don’t think i know you (i’m ex-umist so terribly unfriendly), but i came across your fantastic set of notes this morning while indulging in some last minute revision. i let some spanish guy borrow the bulk of my notes and he seems to have absconded. i had to revise straight from d’inverno and finding these notes at 8am the day of the exam surely proves that there is a god and that he does indeed mock me.

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